Lesson 2 – A Woman is a Force of Nature



I recently posted what I thought was a beautifully artistic photo on Instagram. I came back from a workout and caught my reflection in my hotel mirror. I loved it. So I snapped it and posted it. (@dmarilove on Instagram). It involved incredible intricate wallpaper, perfect lighting, contrasting shapes, and my own silhouette. The critical responses (as well as the silence) from other women inspired this post. Ladies, let’s do better…


Societal expectations, plastic definitions of beauty, our painful pasts, not measuring up, not being “good enough,” being unappreciated, being cheated on, suffering eating disorders & image issues & abuse, being passed over for promotions, having motives questioned & successes undermined… The world is hard on a woman. No matter how beautiful or amazing or kind or impactful she is, she will be criticized for something.

A successful woman is either a b*tch, or she slept her way to the top. God forbid she may have walked in favor and has the credentials, abilities, and work ethic to achieve her accomplishments. A woman in a position of influence has to walk a fine line between too feminine and not feminine enough. Finding a man who celebrates her strength yet understands she still needs his is the journey of a lifetime.

Her own insecurities are hard enough on her…


Why are women so critical of one another? Why are we expected to live up to unrealistic expectations of “beauty” and not celebrated when we embrace our natural beauty? Why do we celebrate strangers who embrace their beauty yet criticize friends for doing the same thing? Why so many double standards?

We see you guys – the same ones saying you want a “real” woman leaving 🌾👀🌾 all over photos of plastic. It’s discouraging. It’s depressing. It’s disappointing. It’s… weak. We see you girls – your jealousy spilling out of insecure mouths, gossiping and criticizing and sneering; Refusing to support other women simply because you’re not where you want to be.

I believe in the strength of a woman’s spirit, the power of her intuition, the honesty in her tears, and the beauty in her honesty. There are few things more beautiful than the shape of a woman. There is nothing more beautiful than a woman who celebrates other women.

The woman has been the subject of art since the beginning of time. She’s often objectified, but always celebrated. Her body is a miracle. It gives life, inspires art, and survives the unthinkable. The greatest of love songs and poems, stories and films have been breathed to life by the inspiration of her company. Her mind is both analytical and emotional, colorful and logical. The pursuit of the woman has inspired arias, sparked wars, and brought meaning to lives. A woman’s heart is the reflection of her Creator.

I love my curves. I work hard to maintain them. I spent enough of my life apologizing for them. My body is my temple. I believe in excellence in every area of life – spiritual, mental, emotional, financial, & physical. I won’t bite my tongue. If something isn’t right, I refuse to be silent. I am my mother’s daughter.

I’m grateful for those who see the necessity of a woman’s experience, & those who appreciate the perspective of a woman’s eye. I’m grateful for those who embrace her strength and ambition and vision and passion. The world needs our strength, grace, love, care, hope, passion, dedication, faith, and voice.

I don’t apologize if my strength offends you. I won’t if my femininity does either.


“Behold, you are beautiful my love. Behold, you are beautiful.” -Song of Sol. 4:1


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