What Happened to Integrity?

The 8th Deadly Sin: Wasting Someone’s Time.

We’ve all heard the saying, “Time is money.” I’ve been running my own businesses, setting my own schedule for the majority of my adult life. Ask anyone who’s run a business, owned a business, been in sales, etc. and they’ll attest to this truth.

But ask anyone in their later years and they’ll almost always tell you that in actuality, time is more valuable than money.

You can always make more money. But you can never buy back more time.


Remember when we were in middle school, back in 10 BC (before cellphones) and we made plans to meet up with friends at the movies on a Friday night? Remember how we actually showed up? There was no way to call or text someone last minute to say we were running late or weren’t coming (because something or someone “better” popped up. 😳). If we were late, we missed out. Remember when we made plans we actually intended on keeping? Remember when “I’ll call you later” really meant “I’ll call you later”? Remember when we were taught better?

Somewhere along the lines of text messaging and cell phones, of being politically correct and not wanting to “hurt anyone’s feelings”, we lost the value of our word. It’s too easy now to run late or cancel plans. We’ve developed “smarter” technology and dumber communication.

What happened to integrity?

Running late is one thing (Sorry Mr. Davidson/Southwest Airlines/every boyfriend I’ve ever had… I promise I’m working on it). Rescheduling is another. Going ghost on someone you’ve made plans with (even if said plans are tentative) the rest of the day/week/month when that person tries to get in contact with you is just flat out inconsiderate.

How you value someone’s time is indicative of how you value them.

For a generation that is on our phones for an obscene amount of time (guilty as charged 🙋), consistent lack of response to anyone is a deliberate display of disrespect. If you can post a tweet but can’t respond to a text, don’t even bother responding. Your message is loud and clear.

If it happens once or twice, we get it. We’re all busy. We’ve all missed texts/fallen asleep/lost our phones/had a battery die/forgotten to respond/had a text message get stuck in iMessage-less cyberspace. But if this is a consistent habit, you may want to check yourself. People aren’t going to give you unlimited chances to waste their time.

An opportunity is a terrible thing to waste.

Word is Bond
Word is 007

If you’re worried that having to reschedule or cancel plans will make someone upset, so you decide the better option is to just not contact them at all, you’re dealing with the wrong people.

In friendships, in relationships, in business in life, as soon as you know you may have to change or reschedule or cancel plans/a timeline you previously set as an expectation, just let someone know. To have someone waiting around indefinitely is tacky. And rude. And selfish. And inconsiderate. Flake on me once, shame on you. Flake on me twice… good luck with that. ✌️ (Cue Beyoncé “Irreplaceable”. 🎶You must not know bout me. You must not know bout me🎶).

IF YOU WOULDN’T DO IT TO A CLIENT/BUSINESS CONNECT/POTENTIAL OR CURRENT EMPLOYER, ETC. WHY DO IT TO SOMEONE WHO SUPPOSEDLY MATTERS TO YOU? If you wouldn’t treat your wallet that way, don’t treat your heart that way. Remember, the right partner will help you build a bigger empire than you could ever build on your own.

A wise man once said, “A man has 2 things in this world: his word and his balls”…
And testicular cancer is on the rise.*

Communication is sexy.
Common courtesy is required.
Get with it.

*Disclaimer: I have no idea if testicular cancer is actually on the rise. It’s just my only explanation as to the current state of affairs.


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