Love Lessons – What Is Love?

There is a reason we all crave love. It’s what we were made to do. Think about it. Our human faults and failures taint love. Our mistakes turn our experiences with “love” into something other than what it was intended to be. We crave love so deeply, that we’re willing to throw logic and sanity and self-preservation and our well-being out the window sometimes just to have a glimpse at its glory. We often lose ourselves in a quest to fill ourselves.

made to love...
made to love…

But we were all made with a hole in our hearts – designed to be filled by God and other people. Quite literally, we need love to survive.

What is love? Our own hurts and insecurities and pains have taught some of us what we think love is. But in reality, our struggles with “love” have only proven to show us what love isn’t.

love heals...
love heals…

I don’t have all the answers. But I know Someone who does…

So far, this is what I’ve learned:

Love is intentional.

Love is more than a feeling. It’s more than butterflies and sparks and euphoria. Feelings are the beautiful introductions to love. But love takes more than feelings. The reason so few “loves” last is that we confuse love with infatuation.

Love is not attachment. It is not purely desire. It’s not lust or attraction or infatuation. Those things are all temporary.

what you seek is seeking you...
what you seek is seeking you…

Love goes beyond a feeling. It is an unconditional calling.

Love is not pain, but it will challenge you to grow.

Love is not a task, but it does take work.

Love is not dysfunction, but our love is imperfect.

Love is not one-sided. It is intentionally reciprocal. Like anything else in life, what you get out of love is a direct reflection of what you put into it.

Love is a choice.

It is choosing to see past the infatuation phase. It’s choosing to support and encourage and fight. Love is choosing to listen when we’d rather speak, give when we’d rather take, stay when we’d rather go.

Love is looking into the soul of another human being and saying, “I’m in. I see the good in you and I’m here to help make the good great.” It’s saying, “The best of you far outweighs the worst of you. I want to weather

made whole...
hearts made whole…

the worst with you so that together we can reap the benefits of the best.” Love is saying, “I refuse to quit on you… even when you quit on yourself.”

Love is understanding another’s imperfections as a reflection of our own. It is two people choosing to put each other before themselves. To love is to serve.

Love is an intentional declaration of humility.

In its purest form, love is choosing to give someone else a glimpse at the face and heart of God: “As He loves me, so shall I love you.”

Love is intentional. Love is a calling. Love is a verb. Love is a choice.



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