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A Letter to a Prince

My little king,

You are the smell of cut grass right after a storm. You are sandcastles and seashells and warm sand between toes. You are mud pies and cartwheels and chocolate cake and carousels. You are as special and unique as every fingerprint on every hand on every person who’s ever lived.

Your eyes are like the planets, your laugh is like rain. You are the clearest skyline after the clouds have emptied their fill. You are the freshest air at the top of the highest mountain. You are bubbles and beetles and soft puppy fur. You are Thanksgiving and Christmas and the Fourth of July.

You are the brightest sunflower and the busiest bee. You are strong like the sea and just as mysterious. You are powerful like the wind and as brave as the sky.

Your hands were made to build and protect. To design beautiful cathedrals and braid intricate wires. There will be power in your fists, and love in your open palms. They will hold the broken, wipe tears of the sorrowful, and embrace the needy. They will create beautiful sculptures and take award-winning photos. They will pen novels and screenplays and historical speeches. Right now they were made to cling to me – to wrap ten little fingers around just one of mine.

Your toes were made for me to marvel at – perfect little cushions of squishy goodness. They will swim in the oceans and jump in the snow. They will climb on trees and pounce on leaves. One day they will travel the globe – exploring cultures and tasting cuisines and embracing differences and falling in love. They will step onto stages and climb pyramids.

Your voice is more beautiful than the greatest melody I’ve ever heard. It is the drumbeat, the bass line and the violin all in one. Right now it is the song to soothe my soul. One day it will be the sound that inspires millions.

One day you will grow into your Daddy’s shoes. You will be given the gift and responsibility to care for another. You will be looked to for advice and be looked at with reverence. Please be cautious with the power you hold. Some people will mistake it for something to fear. Do not let them put you in a box.

One day you will love a woman. You will be entrusted with her heart, and she will be entrusted with yours. Do not give yourself to every beautiful thing. For beauty is often the most dangerous bait. Make her earn your heart, your trust. And then be willing to give it openly and freely. Love her as deeply as Daddy loves me. Respect her, support her, encourage her. Listen to her and guide her. Be her best friend and her number one fan. And make sure she does the same. Or one day you will love a man. I will love you just the same.

One day you may be blessed with the privilege I have. Your heart will overflow with a love you never imagined possible. The kind of love that you read about and hear about and not even your dreams can prepare you for. One day you will have a son, and you will love him, cherish him, hold him, and protect him the way I do you. You will fear for his future and hope for his dreams. The best day of your life will be the day that you meet him, the worst will be the day you have to set him free. Teach him love and respect and patience and peace. Teach him compassion and confidence and obedience and strength. Teach him his value and valor and his virtue and vice. Teach him morality and humility and loyalty. Teach him all the things that the world will try to strip him of. Teach him all the things that we failed to teach you. Train him up as a man of God. Show him the way to his Father’s heart. Above all else, pray for him. Without ceasing, pray for him.

You were made for greatness my love. The world has not yet known someone as impactful as you. Before you were born, you were the dream in my heart and the spark in my eye. You are my greatest accomplishment, my most precious masterpiece, my biggest blessing. Do not let anyone or anything tell you that you are not enough. You are more than enough. You are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone. You are every fiber of my being, the love of my life. You are my heart. Faith and hard work are the recipe for your life. Trust God in all that you do. He knows far more than Daddy or I ever will.

I will love you til the end of time. And when the clock has ticked its final tock, I will search for the end of the end. I will find it and I will stretch it out one more day, just to love you more.

My prince, my love, my son.

I love you more than love.

Te amo mi lindo.