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Dear Humanity…

As someone who loves Jesus, I am so sorry…

I’m so sorry for every time a person in a robe has abused the trust of children.

I am so sorry for every time a pastor stood in a pulpit on a Sunday, after cheating on his wife on Saturday night.

I am so sorry for every hypocritical church member who gossiped in the last pew about everybody else, while her own life was in a mess.

I am so sorry for every person who claimed to be a Christian but condemned you for something in your life.

I am so sorry for every man who says he loves God, but treats women like second class citizens.

I am so sorry for every preacher, pastor, bishop and first lady who’s used tithes to live a life of luxury.

I am so sorry for Bible toting citizens who care more about weapons than the people those weapons kill.

I am so sorry for church folk who are more concerned about unborn babies in the womb than living, breathing, crying babies at the border.

I am so sorry for government officials who quote scripture to justify evil.

I am so sorry for every moment in history when people have destroyed another people, culture, customs & history, while proclaiming the name of God.

I am so sorry for people have perpetuated a white washed Jesus to justify and continue white supremacy.

I am so sorry for people who claim to love Jesus, but look nothing like Him.

And I am so sorry for anyone who has claimed to be a Christian, but whose condemnation, hypocrisy, judgment & hate has made you want to have nothing to do with Christ.

This is NOT what Jesus looks like. This is NOT what He’s about.

I love Jesus and yet I know I will continue to fail people. Please don’t use that against Him.

There is absolute hypocrisy in the church. It’s true. Because there is absolute hypocrisy in people. We are all so flawed, so broken, so in need of grace and mercy.

And this is exactly why we need Him more than ever.



The Answer

Daddy, we need You.

Our police departments are broken. Our law enforcement agencies are broken. Our judicial system is broken. Our prison system is broken. Our country is broken. Our people are broken…  Our capacity for empathy is broken. Our willingness to listen and understand is broken. Our humility is broken. Our pride blinds us, our fear of being wrong suffocates us, our ignorance stifles us, and our complacency is killing us. Where is our humanity? Where is our humility? Where is our love? Where is our respect for human life? Another name added to the list of people whose country has turned its back on the people who broke their backs to build it. The list is too long. There are too many hashtags.

I realized I’ve been waiting for this. Since Freddie Gray, I’ve been waiting for this. Who will be next? It was only a matter of time. I’ve been angry, sad, disgusted, outraged, and every time, after I’ve exhausted every emotion, I fall to my knees and weep. I weep for every mother who has buried a child, I weep for every child who has buried a parent, I weep for every human being – no different than I except for varying levels of melanin in their skin. A variation in melanin intended by its Creator to be a work of art. A variation that we’ve turned into a means to demonize anything that is different from ourselves, as if appreciating the beauty in someone else somehow subtracts from our own. A variation in melanin that dictates everything from access to opportunity to how we are perceived by people who do not know our character but choose to judge us in ways they wouldn’t dream of being judged. I weep for each and every one of them. Humans. People. Brothers. Sisters. Mothers. Fathers. Friends. I weep for the feeling and thoughts they must have had in their last breaths – fear mixed with peaceful acceptance of their fate. “So this is what is to become of me. I’ve watched it happen to countless others, now it is my turn.” I fall to my knees and weep. And every time I ask God, “Why?”

Why do so many people who look like me have such a hard time seeing the truth? Why aren’t more people who look like me shaking in rage? Why can’t more people who look like me accept that there can be good people wrapped up in a bad institution? Why can’t more people who look like me acknowledge that one can identify a problem without assuming that he will be blamed for it? Why don’t more people who look like me seek to understand before being understood? Why don’t more people who look like me accept that history runs deep, and if we tell the broken-hearted that for every year spent with a lover it will take 2 to heal, it is foolish to expect 300 year old wounds to be forgotten in half the time? Why can’t more people who look like me be appalled at slavery, injustice, Jim Crow and his son the Prison Industrial Complex, without thinking it means they’re taking responsibility for it? Why don’t more people choose self-reflection? Why are we so fearful of change? Why do so many leaders choose pride over principle?

And every time I ask Him Why, He reminds me that asking Why is not my place and asking Why will not solve injustice. Asking Why will not bring anyone back from the grave & asking Why will not fix a broken system that was never intended to be fixed. The answer to Why is because we live in a fallen world full of fallen people. Bernie Sanders can’t fix it. Hillary can’t fix it. Chris Christie can’t fix it. Obama couldn’t fix it. Vibes and crystals and karma can’t fix it. Our obsession with self love and slacktivism can’t fix it. Only Jesus can fix it. He is crying for His children to return to Him.

The problem is always sin. The answer is always Him.

A Letter to a Future Queen

Mi muñequita,

You are the smell of dew on a cool spring morning, the crispness of air when the first snow falls. You are as beautiful and intricate and one-of-a-kind as every snowflake on every mountain in every winter that has ever passed. You are great-grandma’s pancakes and sprinkles on cupcakes and warm honey drizzled in Moroccan mint tea.

Your hair is like onyx, your heart is like gold. You are worth more than all the riches in all the castles in every fairytale ever told.

Your laugh is like summer, your smile is the sun. Your giggle is the puzzle piece that completed my heart. You are sweet potato pie and candied yams, grandma’s fudge and banana pudding.

You prance around like dandelions, dancing in the wind. You are every song in every dream. You are every wish upon every star. You are the sea in my toes and the sun on my face.

You are hot cocoa with marshmallows on cold winter nights. You’re fireplaces and Christmas wreaths, and gingerbread men. You are the closest thing to home I’ve ever known. You are the closest thing to God that I’ve ever seen.

Your little fingers leave me in awe. Your hands were made to create… Beautiful watercolor paintings and culinary masterpieces. They were made to strum a guitar and stroke ivory keys. They were made to comfort the sick and give to the poor. They were made with grace and compassion and care. They will write best sellers and pen chart toppers. They will make a difference in this world beyond my limited imagination.

Your ten little fingers and ten little toes will one day grow to match the hands that now hold you. Your ten little piggies will one day grow to march across stages and stand in front of boardrooms. They will travel the world and step out on faith. Your perfect giggle will one day grow to be the voice that inspires a generation. Your precious little body will one day begin to curve like the most beautiful piece of pottery – smooth and soft and perfectly crafted.

That body is yours, my love – Yours to treasure and yours to keep. It is yours to love and yours to cherish, and yours to care for. It is yours to protect.

One day you will meet a man. Promise me that you will make him win your heart, your mind, your love, before he has the privilege of embracing your body. Let his actions prove his love for your soul. Always remember that a man who loves you is a man who protects and respects you. And the greatest virtue of a man is found in his humility.

There will be those who are entranced by your beauty and lost for words by your voice. Do not give them your heart simply because they ask for it. Do not fall for flowery language and empty declarations of love, my dear. For they will see you and their hearts will skip a beat. They will say they love you. Let them show you. Please remember that not everyone who desires you truly values you. You come from a long line of strong women. Do not make yourself smaller just to appease other people. Let your light shine. Work on becoming the best woman you can be. Find a man who looks at you the way Daddy looks at me.

Someday that body may house another just like you, the same way that I have housed you. One day you will look into big curious eyes, the way I look into yours. You’ll want to protect her and hold her, comfort her and be her shield. You’ll want to keep her from all the evils of the world. You will find the best day of your life is the day she comes into it; The worst is the day you have to let her fly free.

Your heart, my love, is the most precious part of you. It will love with a love so deep and so broad, even the stars in sky won’t compete with its power. Your little heart will love with a love so big, it’s a wonder it can even fit in your chest. Your heart was made to change this world. Do not let anyone or anything convince you that you are not enough. You are more than enough.

Please don’t lose your sense of wonder my love. Remember the dreams you have as a child. They are dreams God placed in your heart for a reason. With God all things are possible. Faith and hard work are the recipe for your life. Trust Him in all that you do. He knows far more than Daddy or I ever will.

My beautiful precious girl. Flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone. You are my greatest creation, my most perfect masterpiece, the most beautiful work of art, my most treasured accomplishment, my greatest blessing. You were born in my heart long before you were born to the world.

I will love you til the end of time. And when the clock has ticked its final tock, I will search for the end of the end. I will find it and I will stretch it out one more day, just to love you more.

My darling, my heart, my girl.

I love you more than love.

Te adoro mi amor,


A Letter to a Prince

My little king,

You are the smell of cut grass right after a storm. You are sandcastles and seashells and warm sand between toes. You are mud pies and cartwheels and chocolate cake and carousels. You are as special and unique as every fingerprint on every hand on every person who’s ever lived.

Your eyes are like the planets, your laugh is like rain. You are the clearest skyline after the clouds have emptied their fill. You are the freshest air at the top of the highest mountain. You are bubbles and beetles and soft puppy fur. You are Thanksgiving and Christmas and the Fourth of July.

You are the brightest sunflower and the busiest bee. You are strong like the sea and just as mysterious. You are powerful like the wind and as brave as the sky.

Your hands were made to build and protect. To design beautiful cathedrals and braid intricate wires. There will be power in your fists, and love in your open palms. They will hold the broken, wipe tears of the sorrowful, and embrace the needy. They will create beautiful sculptures and take award-winning photos. They will pen novels and screenplays and historical speeches. Right now they were made to cling to me – to wrap ten little fingers around just one of mine.

Your toes were made for me to marvel at – perfect little cushions of squishy goodness. They will swim in the oceans and jump in the snow. They will climb on trees and pounce on leaves. One day they will travel the globe – exploring cultures and tasting cuisines and embracing differences and falling in love. They will step onto stages and climb pyramids.

Your voice is more beautiful than the greatest melody I’ve ever heard. It is the drumbeat, the bass line and the violin all in one. Right now it is the song to soothe my soul. One day it will be the sound that inspires millions.

One day you will grow into your Daddy’s shoes. You will be given the gift and responsibility to care for another. You will be looked to for advice and be looked at with reverence. Please be cautious with the power you hold. Some people will mistake it for something to fear. Do not let them put you in a box.

One day you will love a woman. You will be entrusted with her heart, and she will be entrusted with yours. Do not give yourself to every beautiful thing. For beauty is often the most dangerous bait. Make her earn your heart, your trust. And then be willing to give it openly and freely. Love her as deeply as Daddy loves me. Respect her, support her, encourage her. Listen to her and guide her. Be her best friend and her number one fan. And make sure she does the same. Or one day you will love a man. I will love you just the same.

One day you may be blessed with the privilege I have. Your heart will overflow with a love you never imagined possible. The kind of love that you read about and hear about and not even your dreams can prepare you for. One day you will have a son, and you will love him, cherish him, hold him, and protect him the way I do you. You will fear for his future and hope for his dreams. The best day of your life will be the day that you meet him, the worst will be the day you have to set him free. Teach him love and respect and patience and peace. Teach him compassion and confidence and obedience and strength. Teach him his value and valor and his virtue and vice. Teach him morality and humility and loyalty. Teach him all the things that the world will try to strip him of. Teach him all the things that we failed to teach you. Train him up as a man of God. Show him the way to his Father’s heart. Above all else, pray for him. Without ceasing, pray for him.

You were made for greatness my love. The world has not yet known someone as impactful as you. Before you were born, you were the dream in my heart and the spark in my eye. You are my greatest accomplishment, my most precious masterpiece, my biggest blessing. Do not let anyone or anything tell you that you are not enough. You are more than enough. You are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone. You are every fiber of my being, the love of my life. You are my heart. Faith and hard work are the recipe for your life. Trust God in all that you do. He knows far more than Daddy or I ever will.

I will love you til the end of time. And when the clock has ticked its final tock, I will search for the end of the end. I will find it and I will stretch it out one more day, just to love you more.

My prince, my love, my son.

I love you more than love.

Te amo mi lindo.